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Polyrok concrete is the latest innovation from Replas, a sustainable alternative to mineral aggregate in concrete for pathways, kerbs & channels. State of the art technology allows Replas to use 100% post-consumer soft plastics that are recovered from the REDcycle program. For every cubic metre of Polyrok concrete laid, the equivalent of 17,000 pieces of plastic packaging will be saved from landfill. This specific plastic-to-cement binding technology is tested to meet Australian Standards, efficiently and effectively replacing conventional mineral aggregate while diverting plastic from landfill.

A 100 m long x 1 m wide Polyrok Path = 170,000 plastic packages saved from landfill

 Long Lasting

 Australian Made

 Low Maintenance

 Cost Effective

 Environmentally Friendly

 Easy to Install

Concrete Your Future With Polyrok

The Sustainable Aggregate Alternative from Replas 

Replas is excited to announce Polyrok pathways – a breakthrough that will find a home for post-consumer soft plastic material, as a partial replacement for aggregate in concrete footpaths.  The very first paths will be poured by a Victorian Council in September 2020, that will see 100% RED Group material sourced from leading packaging brands become Polyrok, mixed in with aggregate to make concrete footpaths along streets for the local community. This latest innovation from Replas using state of the art technology results in a superior product that has more benefits than conventional concrete.

A one-kilometre footpath contains 170,000 plastic packages, diverted from landfill or from entering our waterways and oceans, and we are challenging every Council in the country to get on board to be part of the solution for their plastic waste. If each Council in Australia committed to just one thousand metres of footpath, 1 Kilometre, 500 tonnes of soft plastic waste would permanently become part of the communities’ walkways.

Get in touch to make your Council next in line, and to find out how to concrete your future with Polyrok.

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Goal: 500 Tonnes By End Of 2021

Polyrok concrete



: Plastic predominately sourced from post-consumer waste

Main Polymer Constituents:

: HDPE, LDPE, there may be traces of CoPP

Polymer Thermal Conductivity Range:

: 0.35 to 0.5 Wm-1K-1

Polymer Specific Head Range:

: 1700 to 1900 JK-1Kg-1

Polyrok Geometry:

: Specifically tailored to replicate natural aggregate

Target Aggregate size:

: 4-6mm

Polymer Density:

: 0.4 – 0.5 kg/L

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Environmentally Friendly

Replas’ plastic recycling leads to low maintenance products that are designed to last. Recycled plastic is resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture, and will never split, rot, crack or need painting. Through the REDcycle Program Replas is proud to partner with companies, such as Coles and Woolworths, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create. The soft plastic material collected through the program can be recycled by Replas and turned into products designed for outdoor use within the community.

Replas Environmental Statement

With plastic use on the rise, we need to create a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycles plastics. At Replas, we see waste as a valuable resource, and are part of making this world more sustainable. What is the environmental cost in not being involved in the circular economy? By re-thinking your selection and procurement to recycled plastic products, you become the true recycler. Everyone touches plastic and we must be more accountable and responsible if we are to drive demand for recycled plastic products.