Speed Hump

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Recycled plastic speed humps are flexible enough to allow them to conform to slight irregularities in the pavement surface, yet are strong enough to withstand reasonable loads.
With a weight of 16.0 kg, Replas speed humps are light enough to be installed by one person without the use of lifting equipment.
They are available in yellow and grey and can be simply and securely fastened to a driveway surface. Replas supplies a range of pins, stakes and dyna bolts which can be used to fix your Speed Hump. Please contact your Replas representative for advice on which fixing is suitable for the surface on which you intend to use the product

Long Lasting

 Cost Effective

Australian Made

 Environmentally Friendly

Low Maintenance

 Easy to Install



: 60 mm x 380 mm


: 1.5 m


: Grey, Yellow


: 16 kg



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