The Corporate Services team at Princess Alexandra Hospital held a ‘walking meeting’ to gain insight on ‘how the physical environment at the hospital impacts on patient-centred care,’ allowing the team to understand what they can do to create a better healing environment. The team explained, “one recommendation from our consumer representative was to improve the quality of dilapidated outdoor seating facilities at main hospital entrance points. We also received feedback that more colour was needed in the hospital environment, and that greys, blacks and whites gave a very clinical feel.” From this feedback, Princess Alexandra Hospital has installed over 7 Blue Kimberley Select Seats around their facility. Kimberley Select Seats offer a modern twist on a comfortable furniture favourite from Replas. The combination of extra slats and a more streamlined support results in a design that is both practical and stylish. “We are very aware of the amount of waste produced by hospitals and here at PAH, we are committed to helping Close The Loop of recycling. As part of supporting the Circular Economy, we believe it is important to source products, where available, that are made from recycled plastics.” Princess Alexandra Hospital has saved 0.38 tonnes of waste from landfill, about 14,000 pieces of plastic packaging.