“Kiewa Sandy Creek Football and Netball Clubs have recently upgraded their facilities for spectators and players at the Tangambalanga grounds,” said Julianne Edwards, Landscape Projects & Administration for Enviro Culture Services. Kiewa Sandy Creek Football and Netball Club is a family orientated club that takes pride in their upcoming junior players and the facilities they train and play games at. The new installation of recycled plastic Premier Benches is a great low maintenance, durable product to last the club many years. “With 20 bench seats in total being installed around the netball courts and football ground perimeters, the Replas Premier Benches were a cost effective and stylish low maintenance option to freshen up the amenities,” said Julianne.┬áThe Premier Bench offers greater legroom from the use of a galvanised steel frame. The recycled plastic product will not rot, split or crack like an alternative timber product, making it safe for spectators and players. A fantastic addition to Kiewa Sandy Creek FNC at Tangambalanga grounds.