Podium Signage and Beachcomber Surround Gordon Jackson Lookout in SEQ

Several years ago, Moreton Bay Regional Council, in south east Queensland, installed recycled plastic podium signs and Beachcomber seats at the Gordon Jackson Lookout. The Replas products are still in as new condition all these years later, giving locals and visitors information on Gordon Jackson and a spot to rest on the North Pine Heritage Trail. Replas recycled plastic podium signage provides an excellent way to display information using the head of a Paddle sign, supported by a single post. A bracket between the post and the podium head, ensures a stable and long lasting connection. The recycled plastic Beachcomber seats can be custom made to fit your area, perfect for an harsh or beach-side environment. Offering great views as far as the D'Aguilar Ranges, Moreton Bay Regional Council has become a true recycler by creating a demand for recycled plastic products in their municipality.

"The parkland surrounding the Gordon Jackson Lookout was set aside during the early stages of this development to provide local residents with an unimpeded view of the area extending as far as the D’Aguilar Range. As well as acknowledging the Jackson family’s ownership of land in the immediate vicinity, the naming of the lookout, which took place in March 1993, specifically honours the achievements of Gordon Jackson (1908-1988) who founded the ‘North Pine Service Station’ in 1929, the first motor garage to be opened in the Petrie area."


Paddle Sign

A highly visible foreshore and parkland wayfinding sign.

Bollard Sign

A functional, dual purpose signage solution.