Pearcedale Estate Includes Bollard Fencing and Furniture from Replas in Streetscape

Bayliss Court in Pearcedale, Victoria, have 150 mm round bollards used as fencing and an inground Kimberley Seat for residents to sit and enjoy. The recycled plastic bollards fencing also includes a lockable access gate. The 150 mm round bollard is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional treated-pine bollard. The finish  is clean and smooth, and the product stands up to changes in temperature without distorting. Replas bollards are the ideal solution wherever rigid barriers are required to define boundaries or deter vehicle or pedestrian access. The Kimberley Seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. These bollards and furniture will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting.


Premier Bench

A popular bench with a lightweight yet durable and sleek design.

Wall Mounted Bench

A simple seating solution that's easy to install.