Weeden Heights Primary School in Vermont Heights, Victoria is now home to Parkdale Benches and 100mm grey Bollards from Replas. The Replas bollards and furniture are the perfect fit for the primary school as recycled plastic products do not rot, split or crack – making it safe for students and staff. Parkdale Benches are a unique bench that has been specially designed to be installed in a variety of ways, ideally suited to outdoor learning environments and school grounds like at Weeden Heights Primary School – installation patterns are limited only by imagination! The robust 100mm bollards comprise of a pyramid-shaped top and is partially hollowed to reduce it’s weight. The bollard has four holes in the base to fill with concrete when installing and can also be enhanced with reflectors, plaques or routing, which Weeden Heights has incorporated to direct visitors to the office and with a plaque with their school logo. As is the case with all recycled plastic products from Replas, Parkdale Benches and 100mm Bollards are virtually maintenance free and outlast a timber alternative. Recycled plastic products are a perfect fit for any school or university while also diverting soft plastic from landfill into useful, durable products.