Jim’s Fencing (Sydney)

Jim’s Fencing was set up over 17 years ago as an extension of the Jim’s Group, the largest and best-known home services business in Australia that now has branches in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.We are the largest fencing installation company in Australia, have a very high profile and a trusted name. Jim’s Fencing has appeared regularly on national television, including programs such as ‘Auction Squad’, ‘DIY Rescue’, ‘Ground Force’, ‘Burkes Backyard’, ‘Renovation Rescue’, ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and ‘Domestic Blitz’.

Why use a Replas Pro Installer?

Jim’s Fencing (Sydney)

Quality assured tradespeople to install the Replas range

Our installers have had full training on the use and installation of plastic products and composite fibre. All listed members have successfully completed installations, adhered to training guidelines and have the appropriate insurance and work cover checks to provide you with peace of mind.

If you need a fully trained Replas Pro trades person to install your Replas products please select your state to view your nearest approved Replas Pro.

Are you an experienced installer and would like to become a Replas Pro?

Replas invites experienced contractors and installers to apply to become Replas Pros.
At Replas, manufacturing is what we do best. We prefer to leave the installation of our products to the experts. We develop strategic partnerships with Replas Pros to provide seamless, end-to-end installation service for our customers.