At the Australian Institute of Sport, in Canberra, standards are high. Which is why it had to be Replas, when it came to choosing a high performance bollard that would also add an elegant touch to the grounds of Australia’s premier sports training institute.

In a very innovative use of 100 mm bollards Winton Shire Council, in Queensland, attached irrigation timer boxes to our recycled-plastic bollards.

This keeps the timers out of the ground which means they will last longer. Leon Parry, Parks and Gardens Overseer with Winton Shire Council said, ‘I chose Replas bollards because they are Shire Council said, ‘I chose Replas bollards because they are recycled, very easy to maintain and are cost effective’.

At Lake Wallace in Edenhope, Victoria, the flora and fauna of the area is protected from vehicular access by Replas 100 mm bollards dotted along the perimeter.

Several Plank signs give pedestrians directional and distance information. Neil Pahl, Store Person at the council said installation was, ‘very easy,’ adding that the major benefit of the products is that you can, ‘put the major benefit of the p it in and forget about it’.