Orange City Council in New South Wales have been part of Closing the Loop, installing recycled plastic seating around their council and sporting fields. Nigel Hobden, Council Presentation Manager, sits comfortably on a Replas Kimberley seat along a mesh boardwalk. Many local residents use the boardwalk and rest on the Replas seating to take in the surrounding views. The recycled plastic Kimberley seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. Available in either a sturdy free-standing or in-ground model, Orange City Council have in this case used the free standing. This seat will not split, splinter or crack and will never need painting, making it an ideal option for this area. The Lyrebird bench is also used at local sporting facilities, an ideal choice for a more traditional bench look. The Lyrebird bench is extremely sturdy and virtually maintenance free like all other recycled plastic products. A great job for Orange City Council in Closing the Loop on soft plastic recycling!