An installation to prevent 7,000kg of plastic waste from entering oceans, waterways, and landfill, has made its way to the Sunshine Coast Council in Weyba Downs, Queensland, who have recently replaced their old timber log fences with Replas Recycled Plastic Bollards.

The beautiful Lake Weyba plays a major role within Southeast Queensland and is recognised by many. The new Brolga Bollards are a fantastic maintenance free way to keep this stunning salt-water lake up to date and unaffected by any moisture, salt or microorganisms.

The Commonwealth Government has listed the lake as a Wetland of National Importance, making the approximate 500 new Brolga Bollards not only environmentally safe and friendly, but sleek and modern, stretching along 900 meters of this salt-water lake. Putting into place Brolga Bollards at Lake Weyba is equivalent of nearly 1,750,000 plastic bags, now that’s something to recognise.