Two schools in Southland, New Zealand recently installed Replas Wakefield benches with recycled-plastic slats to refurbish their outdoor seating. Now the pupils at Gore’s Longford Intermediate School and Invercargill’s Waverley Primary School now have comfortable and attractive new seats to sit on while eating or playing with friends.

Having recycled-plastic in the school teaches the students a valuable lesson in real-life resource sustainability. Recycled-plastic is made from the general waste that students families put in their recycling bins every day. A piece of practical outdoor furniture is a terrific way to encourage families to continue to recycle. Using recycled-plastic can benefit an entire community for years to come.

In managing the architectural design of both projects Invercargill School Support Ltd specified Replas recycled-plastic for our quality metal frames, after considering the best options for refurbishment. While the plastic product’s low-maintenance and longevity were key factors in the decision, the educational aspect is also a significant positive.

In all, the material used to make the recycled-plastic slats on the benches at Longford Intermediate and Waverley Primary have saved 5.76 cubic metres of waste from being dumped in the landfill – a resource reused rather than buried forever.