As Cairns continues to grow, a suburb called Smithfield has installed Replas products to introduce in their new estates. A 8.0m Swale Bridge was installed by Replas Pro LD Total Landscapes. This structure is made from composite fibre as the base and Replas profiles for the kick rails. The decking is Replas Enduroplank™, the long lasting and durable material that will please the new residents in this growing estate. This estate has also welcomed a Replas Kingfisher seat, 100mm brown bollards, and fitness equipment all at the same park!

This Swale Bridge is a great addition to the new land. Replas products are low maintenance and gives the locals the confidence that it will not rot or split while they are walking across. As these Swale Bridge’s grow in popularity, the pre-fabricated bridges will make councils lives easier, and give residents no construction or no pedestrian access. A great addition to this new estate and a future suburb with Replas products!