Installed by Replas Pro Adamant Property Service, the new Enduroplank™ with fire retardant boardwalk is the first to be installed in Australia. East Point is surrounded by lush greenery and one of the largest reserves in Darwin, with two playgrounds, a lake, exercise stations, walking trails and more. In an environment like this, City of Darwin wanted to be sure this boardwalk would outlast the harsh environment in the Northern Territory. The Enduroplank on the boardwalk is made from recycled plastic containing fire retardant in the mix with the bearers and joists made from composite fibre, also resistant to fire! The fire retardant Enduroplank™ is self-extinguishing after the flame source has been removed. This allows little to no damage on the recycled plastic decking, unlike the alternative timber that would become firewood. This has become a great asset for City of Darwin to incorporate in their procurement of recycled plastic products, and will give Replas decking an even greater life span in the unpredictable climate and weather of the Northern Territory.