Replas has been working closely with Global FMCG Corporation, Nestle, to incorporate functional, sustainable product solutions made from recycled plastic. The latest innovation comes as a KitKat Seat, made using recycled plastic supports and profiles from Replas and finding a home for the most problematic soft plastic waste collected by the REDcycle program at Coles and Woolworths stores across Australia. “Our research shows that one in four Australians are unaware that they can recycle soft plastics,” explains Sally Strautins, Corporate Affairs Manager for Nestle Oceania. “We believe change starts from within. The installation of Replas items in our factories is helping to raise awareness among our own people that soft plastics can be recycled, and demonstrate the great, practical items that soft plastics can be transformed into,” said Sally. “There is a great range of Replas products available, and we were delighted to work with the team at Replas on customising products. For example, when our team at Campbellfield are not hard at work making delicious KitKat, they can now have a break on a range of bespoke KitKat branded benches.” Replas products are available in a range of colours and can be customised to suit your company, corporation, council, school, and everything in between! Recycled plastic products are durable, fit for purpose alternatives to virgin materials and will not rot, crack, split and requires minimal maintenance. “Having durable products that also look good and are helping the environment is a winning combination,” said Sally. “We are looking at a number of opportunities to use Replas materials across our sites – from factories to corporate offices. It’s a chance to be part of a circular economy, educate our people and play a part in keeping soft plastics out of landfill.”