Mulambin Waters Estate in Livingstone Shire Council Install Multiple Kookaburra Benches for Residents

Livingstone Shire Council in South East Queensland have installed 5 Kookaburra Benches from Replas around the Mulambin Waster Estate. These recycled plastic benches will provide a resting place for the residents when walking around the area. Kookaburra Benches from Replas are elegant and designed for maximum comfort. Available in two widths with a choice of either 40 mm or 90 mm slats, these benches are available in both freestanding and in-ground models in a selection of attractive colours, with two or three supports. As is the case with all recycled plastic furniture from Replas, these benches require minimal maintenance from the council, cutting costs in the long run. They will not split, rot, crack, or ever need painting. A great addition for both Mulambin Waters and Livingstone Shire Council.


Kookaburra Bench

Wide bench designed to accommodate back to back seating.

Lyrebird Bench

A traditional looking bench, popular in an array of settings.

Premier Bench

A popular bench with a lightweight yet durable and sleek design.