In Stanthorpe QLD, Southern Downs Regional Council have recently upgraded the facilities at Mount Marley Lookout. As an adventure and great walking trail for residents and visitors welcome Replas recycled plastic bollards. Now, a lookout with fantastic views across the township of Stanthorpe, is now using recycled plastic to protect the hilly area. Too this was Southern Downs Regional Councils first installation of Replas products. Also looking for a durable, modern, and long lasting bollard, the results became clear. As well as a low maintenance installation, Southern Downs Regional Council is now looking forward to using more of these recycled bollards in future works programs.

Mount Marley Install Recycled Plastic Brown Bollards

Next, these brown, recycled plastic bollards, are now making it easy and capable for the councils to installs and last a long time. Mount Marley Lookout is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Stanthorpe QLD. Then installation of Replas Bollards to revamp this lookout is something Replas has worked towards. To have safe and environmentally friendly products surrounding such beautiful scenery is what the end goal always is. Now, Southern Downs Regional Council has a better understanding and a better product to best suit their residents and tourists in Stanthorpe. Finally, Replas is excited to head back and install any and all new products for the upcoming reno years at Mount Marley.


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