“In 2017, the College successfully applied for a grant from the Woori Yallock Community Bendigo Bank to purchase and install some equipment to help us on our sustainability journey,” said Cathy Pole, Assistant Business Manager at Mount Lilydale Mercy College in Victoria. The installation of Premier Benches and a Daintree Seat really pops around the college! “This included outdoor bench seating supplied by Replas – the furniture looks fantastic in the beautiful grounds of the college and the bright blue colour perfectly matches our College emblem colour,” continued Cathy. Premier Benches from Replas offers greater legroom thanks to the use of a galvanised steel frame, this means that only two posts are required to support the 1.8 m bench. The Daintree Seat has a relaxed slanted back and is readily available in three sizes or can be custom-made to almost any length, making it a popular choice for school grounds and courtyards. “The seating has been an important step for the College in our sustainability journey and fits in well with our environment at the College,” said Cathy. A great addition of recycled plastic products that students can see the impact from, for many years to come at Mount Lilydale Mercy College.