Last year, Worongary State School students were on a mission to collect 12,500 pieces of soft plastic rubbish including chip packets and muesli bar wrappers to earn a Replas Buddy Bench for their school. Just recently, the students have reached their goal and the school has completed the installation of a new junior playground where the buddy bench will be relocated to shortly. Year 6 Technology students began measuring the volume of soft plastics and logging the results when taking the soft plastic down to their local Red Bin for collection. Tim Mullaly, Year 6 teacher explained, “by focusing on the collection of soft plastics, students have been able to see the value in the data they are collecting and the real world impact of a recycling program.” In 2018, the school has taken further leadership in waste management, examining other ways the students and staff can reduce, reuse and recycle at the school. “Hopefully as our Year 6 students begin to share their research and findings with the broader school community, it will inspire our younger students to do their part to recycle waste and reduce their environmental impact,” said Mr. Mullaly. Their Buddy Bench is a terrific addition to Worongary State School to show what can be made from soft plastic by collecting and recycling!