On Thursday, the 21st of November, Sales and Marketing Director of Replas, Mark Jacobsen, had the pleasure of welcoming the Minister for Recycling and Waste Reduction in ACT, Chris Steel to the Replas Environmental Centre. Mark and Chris spoke about recycling in Australia, the importance of government procurement of recycled plastic products and creating a demand for the market. Chris Steel commented, “All governments are working together to find end markets for materials currently going to land fill. We need to build up new industries to be able to take these products and turn them into useful everyday items. Governments have a role to play in procurement whether it’s in relation to street furniture, using this material in everyday goods that people use, in a park or whether it’s in the roads that we drive on.”

“There’s a lot of work that we need to do, but one thing that governments can do at all levels – Commonwealth, State and Local – is work on procurement. We’ve identified that as an action under our National Waste Policy and now we need to work with the industry very closely. To be able to deliver this we need some funding from the Commonwealth Government, and we hope that the they will be able to work closely with us to deal with the massive challenge that we’ve got in this country with the national waste crisis.”