Blacks Beach in the Mackay region of Queensland is no stranger to recycled plastic products from Replas. At Barber Drive Park, Replas Pro Plants Whitsunday have installed a plank sign, Brolga Bollards with a galvanised steel frame for a fence and Enduromesh for a stairway. Recycled plastic products are great fit for purpose products in far north Queensland as they will not rot, split or crack in the harsh environment and are termite resistant. Plank signs are a great way to educate visitors on park rules and names while venturing through the Mackay. Brolga Bollards are easy to install due to the hollow centre, making them also easier to transport. Using recycled plastic bollards for fencing gives the council less worry for maintenance upkeep and breakage due to weather or vandalism. Enduromesh material also allows for foliage around to flourish as the small gaps allows for water to come through. Mackay Regional Council can rely on Replas for durable, long lasting products that can withstand the Queensland environment.