Lululemon is an environmentally conscious organisation that recently took the bull by the horns to reduce the plastic waste that their stores amass. It was a constant source of distress that their flexible plastic waste, such as the packaging used to protect their products in transport, was all going to landfill. Spear-headed by Executive Assistant, Bec and Chapel Street Store Manager, Yole, the search was on for a solution. The answer was of course – Replas.

Not only are lululemon now sending their waste plastic to be recycled, but they are also employing the ‘pull through effect’ by purchasing items made from the plastic they sent for recycling. Their Chapel Street store features a recycled-plastic Daintree seat which has the Lululemon mantra—The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Make it a positive thought— routed on to the back of the seat.

The seat has saved the equivalent of over 10 000 plastic bags from ending up as landfill or in our oceans. Congratulations lululemon for making a tangible contribution to a sustainable future.