In 2016 Replas celebrates 25 years of producing recycled plastic products. Each month we look back at some of our oldest installations and see how they’ve stood the test of time.

In 1999 a recycled plastic walkway was installed in Ngilgi Caves in WA. As the cave has a constant humidity level all year round of 98% the boards are generally always damp. In these conditions wood deteriorated very quickly and so recycled plastic was chosen to offer greater longevity. With approximately 50,000 visitors to the cave each year it also needed to be able to withstand significant wear and tear.

After 17 years in the cave, the boardwalk is performing extremely well and looks just as good as when it was installed. Mark Delane, Asset Development Manager at Geographe Bay Tourism Association, said, ‘very simply we have had no issues at all, and find the material performing really well. It appears to be holding its integrity and shows no real signs of wear and tear’.