In 2016 Replas celebrates 25 years producing recycled plastic products.

Despite dealing with chlorinated water on a daily basis, seats installed at the Oak Park Leisure Centre in Victoria in 2008 look brand new. Irene Glavas, Project Architect Capital Works Planning & Delivery at Moreland City Council said, ‘The previous seating was timber. Over the years it had split, decomposed and was a hazard to the public with splintering. The support frames had rusted in this environment close to chlorine which is quite corrosive’. Replas worked with the council to custom make the seating for the swimming pool and according to Irene Replas offered, ‘good service, the ability to be innovative, cost competitive products that last and are easily replaced, vandal proof and inert’.

‘We have a very proactive ESD department who is keen to lead in this area. We are always on the lookout for robust, aesthetic, maintenance free, recycled materials. Replas was the beginning of us using recycled plastic as our experience was positive,’ said Irene.