These Replas 100 mm x 100 mm green bollards stand proudly outside the Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club on Spit Road, Mosman, NSW. They have done so for some time now, and still look as new having withstood all the coastal conditions of their exposed location.

In supplying these bollards to the Skiff Club, we were introduced to a rather interesting story about sailing in and around Sydney. The 16-foot skiff is unique to Australia, originally based on the “Watermans” rowing skiff, chosen for its streamlined shape. The boat’s dimensions have not changed much since the class was founded in 1901, although the old lugsails and gaff rigs, with their solid timber spars and vertical cloths, are thankfully a thing of the past. In former times the skiffs had a crew of four, as much to carry the boat, which weighed 114kg, as to man-handle the 20sq metres of sail. Today’s 16-foot skiff weighs just 72kg. But despite the lighter weight that came with modern materials, these exciting racing boats now have an even bigger crew of five,  a result of the massive spinnakers now allowed in the class.