Located in Kosciusko National Park, Long Plain Hut Campground is filled with recycled plastic Premier Settings from Replas. The area is open and grassy with evidence or early settlement throughout the area, with the hut built in 1916, there is also remnants of old sluice miners. It’s a great spot for the active camper, with horse riding, mountain-biking, fishing and walking to choose from. Long Plain Hut is a nicely restored hut on a hillside overlooking Long Plain. There needed to be durable, low maintenance outdoor furniture surrounding the cramping area. Replas’ recycled-plastic Premier Setting offers greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. The use of a galvanised steel frame means that only two posts are required to support the benches and table. The setting comes in a choice of slat widths depending on style preference and can be adapted to allow wheelchair access. Unlike other outdoor furniture which may need constant maintenance, these recycled-plastic tables and benches will not split, splinter or crack and never need painting. These settings have been installed for over 10 years and still look as good as new, a great addition to both Kosciusko National Park and the Long Plain Hut Campground.