The Logan River branch of the Society for Growing Australian Plants nursery group has put their trust in Replas again, purchasing a new Premier Table for their plant repotting.

Five years ago, the society purchased a Replas Premier Table which continues to thrive. The society had previously used wooden tables which, due to weather conditions, lasted mere months. The society decided on an alternate material, trusting in recycled-plastic to last the distance. Replas was an effective solution and the nursery group has never looked back.

At the most recent fortnightly meeting, the nursery was able to put their new table to good use. The spacious, practical table was perfect for plant repotting. Greg, a member of the group, noted how the table had positively impacted their work. “This extra table has made a big difference in giving us twice as much bench space. 14 people at the meeting today meant lots of jobs and more working space required, the extra space is now well catered for,” said Greg.

Unlike other materials which require constant maintenance, the Premier Table will not split, rot, crack or need painting, leaving the nursery group to happily pot away!