“As the northern most resort on the Great Barrier Reef, and a luxury lodge of Australia, Lizard Island is truly secluded from the rest of the world. This is just one wonderful Lizard Island fact that makes it like nowhere else.” Lizard Island in Cairns, QLD prides themselves on their private beaches and exceptional views on the reef. Back in 2013, Lizard Island wanted to replace an old timber boardwalk that had looked a but tired and old. What better to install on this spectacular island than a Replas recycled plastic boardwalk, made with Enduroplank™. This new boardwalk is nearly 70 metres in length and was constructed using a composite fibre structure.

Using recycled plastic not only keeps this pristine island in such beauty, but ensures the boardwalk will be around for a longtime.

Check out Lizard Island just here, and see the absolute beauty that Replas product is included on!