An upgrade to Clive Bridge in New Zealand has cut costs for the council and turned a narrow hazardous footpath into a safer walkway.

Using concrete to widen the path would have greatly increased the weight loading on the bridge so the council looked at various alternative materials.

Tony Mills, Traffic Engineer, Hastings District Council, NZ said, ‘The first alternative to concrete was timber, but that was not a solution due to ongoing maintenance costs and also it’s slippery when wet. So, we looked at plastic and recycled materials’. As it was a state highway project, the Enduroplank™ and support profiles not only had to meet council requirements, but were also subject to a rigorous evaluation process conducted by NZ Transport Agency. As Enduroplank™ decking is lightweight it can provide a wider span without increasing the loading. This cost-effective solution has increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists and as a bonus the durable material is virtually maintenance-free.

Tony said, ‘The final product just looks amazing, along with the handrails and the lighting. It’s had excellent feedback from all the community’.

New Zealand Transport Authority regional highways manager Chuck Dowdell said, ‘This project will make it safer and more appealing for people to jump on a bike, and that’s a win-win for all road users’.