Kraft Foods recently donated some much needed Replas furniture to Westgate Park.

Westgate Park is located under the iconic Westgate Bridge when entering into Melbourne, Victoria.

The industry-led REDcycle initiative has provided benches and settings for park visitors to rest and enjoy the beautiful Melbourne environment.

Kraft food is taking responsibility for recycling plastic packaging, what are you doing to help?

The RED Group, is a Melbourne based recycling organisation running the REDcycle program to enable Australian consumers to easily contribute in creating a sustainable future for all.

The empty packaging is recycled into useful products such as outdoor furniture or signage.

Kraft is committed to the initiative, creating many of Replas’ recycled-plastic products for areas who need it.

How can you play your part?

Save your empty plastic waste and place them in a REDcycle collection bin at select Coles supermarkets, RED Group will handle the rest.