Banyule City Council in Victoria have been big supporters of Replas products, the future of sustainability, and the general recycling process in their area. The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre has newly installed Replas profiles as seats with the help of Replas Pro, SR Engineering. Craig Body, a member of the Banyule community was more than pleased with the work that was done, “[the installation was] very easy, No fuss or disruption to the business or service delivery. The staff were very friendly and efficient in the information day to day and happy to make amendments and additions in the process.”

Another amazing job completed by Replas Pro SR Engineering and Steve Rawson. Craig also said, “we have received lots of positive feedback about how great and duable the product is, particularly the cleaning factor, we were having issues with the timber cracking, chipping, and at times causing injury to patrons who would sit on it. We were lacking additional seating and particularly the design chosen has been well received. We also like the fact that some can be easily moved for convenience and some provide more a permanent setting.”