At their Clayton Campus in Melbourne, Monash University has included a number of recycled plastic Enduroplank® sections to the well-named Innovation Walk that crosses the campus. Installed using the cost-effective Replas floating pathway method, the brown Enduroplank® is fixed upon recycled plastic profiles, allowing the pathway to run flush to the ground surface.  Not only does the Enduroplank™ fit in incredibly well with the custom-made recycled plastic furniture along Innovation Walk, but they provide students and everyone else on campus a safe surface to walk on.

The durable Enduroplank® decking, while comparative to many timber solutions in price, is expected to last 40+ years without any need for painting or significant maintenance. PTA Landscapes installed the recycled plastic pathways, which represent the equivalent of 1,425,000 Australian plastic bags that would otherwise have taken up 19 cubic metres of landfill space.