Hastings $1.6m Boat Ramp Project Includes Recycled Plastic Speed Humps from Replas

Mornington Peninsula Shire celebrated the completion and opening of the upgraded $1.6 m Hastings Boat Ramp project delivering a four ramp facility extending deeper into the bay, with the help of recycled plastic Speed Humps from Replas. Speed Humps are flexible enough to allow conformity to slight irregularities in the pavement surface, yet are strong enough to withstand reasonable loads. With a weight of 16.0 kg, Replas speed humps are light enough to be installed by one person without the use of lifting equipment. The newly constructed boat ramp will provide a modern facility with all-tide access to Westernport Bay. Replas Speed Humps can be simply and securely fastened to a driveway surface. Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor said, “We are excited the Hastings Boat Ramp has been reopened and can be enjoyed by the local boating and fishing community this summer. Being one of the busiest boat ramps on the Mornington Peninsula, this essential upgrade has been highly anticipated. It will not only help service the growing number of people who want to go boating in Western Port but will provide locals with a more modern and user-friendly facility.” Cerberus Ward Councillor Lisa Dixon continued, "Thanks to this significant upgrade we will see reduced peak waiting times for boat launching and retrieval, making it a more enjoyable experience for users, especially during those busy summer months. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Better Boating Victoria for the stage two upgrades which aim to make the facility even more accessible.”

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Speed Humps

A tough, long-lasting traffic control solution.