At the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, one of the largest festival venues ‘Gluttony’ contacted Replas looking for a way to showcase some sustainable products within the event venue. Not only was Replas apply to supply the venue with multiple 3.6 m Replas Premier Benches and a Beachcomber seat, but there was also a Trex® Transcend Display deck. This year, Gluttony made an extra effort to not only reduce the amount of waste created, but made sure to utilise products made from recycling within their venue. At the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, they wanted to show the importance when it comes to sustainability; with plastic use on the rise, we need to create a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycled plastics. Everyone touches plastic therefore we must be more accountable and responsible in driving demand for recycled plastic products.

Gluttony shared on their website some of their initiatives during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival that included:

  • A clearly labelled three-bin system that allows patrons to sort their waste into organic, recyclable, and general waste categories

  • All our vendors’ food packaging, plates, cups and cutlery being made of compostable materials – meaning it can all go in the organics bin with your food scraps!

  • Not using single-use plastics for water bottles or straws. For patrons wanting to buy a bottle of water, we sell Voss reusable glass bottles of still and sparkling water, and the available straws are plastic or compostable

  • Encouraging patrons to bring their own water bottle that they can refill at our numerous drinking water stations at our Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka and Gluttony @ Masonic sites. These stations also feature water bubblers for quick drinks on the go

  • Encouraging e-ticketing where possible, to avoid paper waste created by traditional tickets.

Check out Gluttony and more information on the festival here: