On Tuesday 21st April Replas’ NSW product manager Bert Meyer spoke on recycling to Coonara-Cherrybrook Probus Club. The presentation began with Bert asking members present if they were active in their recycling, and all raised their hands. But when it came to knowing what happens to their plastic waste, no hands were raised. Such is the community position on recycling – we all believe it’s a good thing to do but we don’t think much about the downstream consequences. Bert’s mission on this occasion was to change that.

Using videos such as ‘The Pull Through Effect’  and examples of just what Replas does with the recyclable plastic that results from kerbside and commercial schemes, Bert kept the audience enthralled, as evidenced by all the questions and comments at the end. One of the loudest comments he heard was “there should be more of it “

The first Probus Club in New South Wales formed at Hunters Hill in 1976. Coonara-Cherrybrook Probus Club started in 2007, and there are now in excess of 530 clubs in the state.