Building paths and boardwalks in steep locations can present many challenges not least is the need to ensure the walkway provides a safe, slip resistant surface.

Steven Rawson from SR Engineering was asked to design a floating deck for the ALDI store in Scoresby, Vic, that would not only meet the Green Star approval, but also provide an R12 slip resistant surface.

Enduroplank™ already has an excellent slip resistance rating of R10, but for ramps or frost prone areas an application of Endurogrip will increase the slip rating to R12 offering a safer surface for pedestrians and cyclists.

Steven said, ‘the Enduroplank™ was extremely easy to work with as it was delivered to the site with the coating already applied. The deck also incorporated recycled plastic kicker of the same style and colour which really finishes the deck off. Both the builder – Main Brace Constructions –  and Aldi were really happy with the final result and especially that they got to use the communities waste in the project’.

Inspecting the deck a month after installation, Steve said, ‘it’s great to see that it fits in with the natural environment around it and it just looks the part’.

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