From the coolest of climates to the tropical top end recycled plastic handles a variety of conditions with ease.

Mt Buller is a popular winter ski destination in Victoria. Across the Resorts’ mountain bike, walking, and cross-country ski trails, timber trail signage has been replaced with recycled plastic—chosen for their durability and environmental benefits.

Alison Kirkwood, Environmental Services Officer, said, ‘Replas is a reliable source for recycled plastic signage products, and with a vast history of projects with the company, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management would always consider them in future’.

The Queensland beachside village of Palm Cove offers a tropical paradise just north of Cairns. The esplanade, lined with shops, restaurants and resorts is a hub of activity.

Deteriorated timber posts along the walkway have been replaced with 445 recycled plastic bollards, complete with stainless steel caps, creating an elegant and contemporary look along the walkway.

Kristy Korevaar, Parks  & Leisure Capital Project Officer at Cairns Regional Council, said, we use recycle plastic products in a lot of council parks, adding, ‘Council prefer the longevity and low maintenance of the recycled plastic products’.