Frankston Sand and Soil have mixed and supplied the first Polyrok concrete footpath installation for Frankston City Council in Seaford, VIC. Working closely with APS Civil, Sales Manager for Frankston Sand and Soil, Ben Dabaco, was excited to use a recycled product. “We have been able to use recycled water in our concrete, and now to be able to add another recycled product into it and support the Frankston Council, we have found it fantastic to work with. We did a fair bit of testing to make sure the concrete has come up with the strength, and tested it with a bit of our concreters to make sure it is an A grade product. Working with Mark [Jacobsen] and Steve [Rawson], I think we’ve ended up with a great product that can be used in a lot of concrete products, this is just the start of it,” said Ben. This is the first council installation of Polyrok, Australia wide, and the time and energy into the project shows. “I think it’s really important we use recycled products whenever we can. Being a small, local company in the City of Frankston, it was important that we made it happen,” said Ben.

Polyrok concrete is the latest innovation from Replas, a sustainable alternative to mineral aggregate in concrete for pathways, kerbs & channels that find a home for the most problematic waste stream, soft plastic. State of the art technology allows Replas to use post-consumer soft plastics that are recovered from the REDcycle program in Coles and Woolworths with leading packaging brands. Polyrok results in a superior product that has benefits over conventional concrete. Specific plastic-to-cement binding technology has been tested to meet Australian Standards, efficiently and effectively replacing conventional mineral aggregate while diverting plastic from landfill.

“For me personally, I walk into Coles and I see the soft plastic packaging and think ‘this is going to turn into a product that I’m using in our concrete everyday’ so it’s a proud moment. What people are throwing away, we’re actually using, and that’s a big thing for us,” said Ben. “This is a big, scalable home for recycled plastic. It’s a new venture, it’s going forward, taking it to another level for the future.”