“As part of our commitment to the environment, Foresight Environmental are always considering ways to use recycled products, and where possible use materials or components from Australia,” explains John Thurston, Operations Manager for Foresight Environmental (Foresight). Their weigh system is a combination of industrial scales and an Onsite Analytical Tool (OSAT) panel that supports the computer, scales indicator, and RFID reader. This panel was originally made from mild steel.

The Foresight team has replaced the steel component with Grade 1 and Grade 2 Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) sheeting from Replas made from clear and coloured HDPE and PP milk and juice bottles, caps, bottleneck rings, and coloured bottles.

“After trials, the sheets proved to be strong and resilient enough to support the OSAT equipment even allowing 4mm screw threads to be cut so equipment could be mounted at the rear of the panel,” John explained. “As a result, all OSAT backboards are now made from the recycled sheeting of either HDPE type”. With the support of Replas, the initiatives have progressed further with Foresight now producing Coffee Cup Waste bin stands from the HDPE materials,” said John.

PCR sheeting is 100% solid plastic sheets, 2.4 x 1.2m in size, currently available in a thickness range from 10 to 30 mm, ideal for indoor use. A fit-for-purpose product that has been a successful Foresight circular economy initiative.

For further information on the Foresight Environmental  waste weighing system: Waste Reporting | Foresight Environmental (osat.info)