From hot sand to recycled plastic decking, Kyeemagh Beach in New South Wales now has a floating pathway to the beautiful beach front made from Replas decking, Enduroplank™. Installed by Replas Pro Enterprise Landscapes, the Soil Conservation Services of NSW had this floating pathway installed for Bayside Council. “Due to its longevity, Replas products hold up all weather conditions,” said Ron of Enterprise Landscapes. “The product [before] was an old timber and chain decking which deteriorated in the harsh conditions, where as Replas products can take all sorts of weather conditions,” continued Ron. Enduroplank™ is a sturdy long lasting and low maintenance decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. Using soft plastic waste from the Red Cycle bins in Coles and Woolworths, this access track has become ideal for Kyeemagh Beach. The Enduroplank™ decking is especially suitable for marine environments as the ocean water/spray will not deteriorate or corrode the decking material unlike timber. Replas has also created an easy to install system that provides a low-cost long-lasting solution for beach pathways. Due to the consistency and uniformity of Enduroplank™ securing the plank to your supporting structure is simple. It is not recommended that Enduroplank™ be laid longitudinally, due to expansion, contraction and slip resistance issues. “The local community are so happy that a new floating pathway has been installed at the beautiful beach front and happy that it’s a product that has been recycled,” said Ron.  A fantastic installation from Replas Pro Enterprise Landscapes, and for Bayside Council down at Kyeemagh Beach, NSW.