Bass Coast Shire Council have installed recycled plastic products throughout their municipalities, including fitness trails and signage from Replas. Exersite™ equipment have been installed throughout the town of Inverloch for residents and visitors to enjoy an outdoor workout on safe, durable equipment. The Exersite™ is a cluster of 15 self-guided, recycled plastic exercise stations. Grouped in a defined area of 13 m x 13 m, the system allows users to systematically work out in a safe and effective manner. The Exersite™ can be modified to allow for safe wheelchair usage by adding some pieces and modifying others. Signs show exercises for able bodied users with corresponding exercises for wheelchair users. The Exersite™ areas in Inverloch include a 6 step Series 1 – Warm Up/Cool Down and a 3 step Series 2 – Strengthening. Also, a Replas paddle sign has been installed along the foreshore. Using recycled plastic products in this area means no rotting, rusting or corrosion from the salt water environment. These fitness trails and signage will never need painting and require minimal maintenance from the council. A great way to utilise the communities space for exercise and finding a home for soft plastic packaging.