Deep Water Park is part of Bankstown Council, located in the South Western part of the Sydney CBD. This park is located on the beautiful Georges River in Milperra. This is a great spot for a walk, picnic, or any outdoor activity for visitors and locals. Many have BBQs and take their boats out on the river, it is renowned for being an amazing summer spot. Bankstown Council have installed a fence barricade along both sides of the road. This prevents cars from entering the grass area. The fence line is made up of 100mm x 100mm black bollards made from Replas recycled plastic. They have a 50mm hole drilled on the side to accept the steel rail to be made into fencing.

The best part? This project was completed in 2003 – 15 years later and the bollards still look great. A huge bonus for the council to know the fencing is keeping the grass and surrounding areas safe from cars and boats with these long lasting and durable bollards. Using recycled plastic bollards as fencing will give ease to councils all around Australia, a confident decision to keep area safe and in tact. Amazing installation from Replas, showing recycled plastic can last the time!