Enjoy Port Douglas Scenery with Recycled Plastic Beachcomber on Edge of Packers Creek

Across from the popular ‘Tin Shed’ social club in Port Douglas, Queensland, is a Beachcomber seat situated on the edge of Packers Creek. The recycled plastic seat has visitors from all around Australia gathering to enjoy the scenery. The Replas Beachcomber seat has been specially designed to be installed wherever a beachside theme is appropriate, making them an ideal addition for Port Douglas! Constructed from recycled plastic, Beachcombers are especially suitable for use in marine environments, as salt water will not corrode the material. Also, they are resistant to termites, rotting, splitting, or cracking. The low maintenance aspect allows tourists and locals to enjoy the scenery for years to come.


Beachcomber Seat

A seat that is unique to you!