The Mount Cook Lookout is a hike that has a scenic backdrop of the beautiful Cooktown, Queensland. Rising at 431 m, the rain forest and woodlands is a view brought to hikers by Replas Enduroplank™. The job was designed and installed by the Queensland Rangers, apart of the Cook Shire Council. Hiking a steep 2k, this lookout also gives the view over the Great Barrier Reef and coastline. Climbing just 1k further, and you will be at the peek of Mount Cook Summit. Here is where the Replas Recycled Plastic Enduroplank™ gives a platform for walkers/hikers to see large granite boulders covered with wild greenery. The Queensland Ranges give caution to look out for tree snakes and lace monitors. Also, take binoculars for bird watching!

Composite Fibre and Recycled Structure at Mount Cook

The structure made from Replas products was installed on top of a rock at the tip of the lookout. The hand rails and border railings are made from composite fibre material, lasting longer than timber and metal allowing this view to be accessible for a long period of time. The decking portion of this lookout is made from Replas Enduroplank™, made from recycled plastic, is a low-maintenance, long lasting, and durable material that will hold up with the composite fibre very nicely. It is the mission of Replas to make these views possible, making walkers/hikers/viewers see where their recycled plastic can go and how it can actually benefit them with this scenery.


There is a car park available at Mount Cook Lookout and it is family friendly. Please refer to the Mount Cook website for services and facilities here.

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