“The harsh rainforest environment at Barron Falls required materials for the boardwalk that can withstand the environment and remain non-slip during the wet season,” said Tim Hackwood, Environmental Manager at the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway in Smithfield, Northern Queensland. Recycled plastic decking from Replas, Enduroplank™, has been used at the newly upgraded ‘The Edge Lookout’ at Barron Falls. “As a world leader in sustainable tourism, “explained Tim, “we strive to use sustainably sourced materials for construction of building and boardwalks.” The Enduroplank™ lookout “provides Skyrail guests with awe-inspiring sweeping panoramic views and an opportunity to experience Barron Gorge like never before.” Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that is especially suitable for marine environments as salt water will not corrode the material, even when submerged.  Tim explained the recommendation of Replas was an option during the design phase and it “ticked all of the boxes.” Installation of Enduroplank™ is easy due to the consistency and uniformity of the planks. As is the case with all recycled plastic products, Enduroplank™ will not rot, rust or ever need painting. The minimal maintenance allows Skyrail staff to use their resources on other parts of the incredible Barron Falls.

“Design and construction of this notable structure in a biologically diverse World Heritage listed area requires significant attention to detail and planning. As a result, Skyrail went to great lengths to be able to allow guests to take in the awe-inspiring views while protecting the surrounding environment.”

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