“The Wallace Creek nature trail provides public access to environmentally significant mangrove wetlands that occupy a large area of the Bundaberg Port,” explains Gordon King, Training and Employment Manager at Gidarjil Development Corporation. Gidarjil Development Corporation is an indigenous owned enterprise that provides a reliable, reputable base for a variety of programs and initiatives that benefit indigenous Australians. The newly installed boardwalk in Bundaberg Port, South East Queensland, is a long lasting, durable recycled plastic product that will stand up to the mangrove wetlands. The boardwalk made from Replas decking Enduroplank™ is a sturdy, virtually maintenance free product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. Ideal for this exact installation, Enduroplank™ decking made from recycled plastic is suitable for wetlands environments as it will not corrode the material, even when submerged. Gidarjil’s training and employment programs assist indigenous people in gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue their career pathways. The successful participants gain valuable exposure to a wide range of techniques, skills and qualifications. As part of their skills training, they have recently completed the installation of the first of 3 boardwalks between the Port of Bundaberg and Burnett Heads. “The trainees have completed the first section of the nature trail which includes a 33 metre Replas boardwalk to traverse one of the tidal flows of the wetlands. A further two boardwalks (33 metres and 122 metres) will be constructed to complete the 2-kilometre nature trail, as well as an observation tower, a bridge over Wallace Creek, a car park and interpretive signage,” said Gordon. Due to the sensitive nature of the environment, the majority of the fabrication & assembly was done off site at their local work shop and transported to site for installation. This ensured that the environmental impact on the area was kept to a minimum. “The Wallace Creek nature trail will create long-term benefit to the protection of mangrove ecosystems, their natural habitats and their cultural significance. School groups will soon be able to conduct educational excursions to the mangroves. It will also heighten public awareness of the mangrove system, their cultural significance, and bring valuable tourism activity to the region,” continued Gordon. An addition that will benefit visitors for many years to come, using recycled plastic products from Replas.