“We decided to build a new shearing shed as the old one was unsafe and did not meet our requirements,” explains Steven Alexander, a sheep shearing farmer for Myalla Partnerships in Nhill, Victoria. “After investigation and research into flooring products, the decision was made to use Enduromesh,” said Steve. Enduromesh panels are a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to traditional materials used for walkways or platform construction.

Using recycled PP material that is UV stabilised, the panels are ideal for jetties, boardwalks, decking, temporary floors, shed flooring, and much more. Thousands of dimples cover the entire top surface to prevent slips, even when barefoot. “Comparing the timber grating to Enduromesh, timber was cheaper but with the labour savings gained in laying Enduromesh this margin was much reduced, and Enduromesh doesn’t hold moisture like timber grating,” explained Steve.

The gaps in the Enduromesh allows drainage alternative decking material does not have. Allowing water to pass through, Enduromesh can outlast harsh weather conditions and allows for surrounding foliage to flourish with the extra sunlight coming through. “The sheep move more freely through the pens and shed on the Replas flooring,” said Steve.

“We have had several people come to view the Enduromesh in our shearing shed and we have been happy to advise them that we are more than happy with the product. In fact, we have since used Enduromesh as the flooring on a ramp leading into a unit at the back of our house.”