Endurogrip is manually applied to Enduroplank decking prior to installation. Heat must by applied in order to apply the product the fins of the Enduroplank, before sand is spread and rolled into the heated fins. Recommendation that this process carries out by trained Replas staff is strongly suggested. The end result provides a long lasting slip resistant solution for Enduroplank . This application will increase slip resistance in frost-prone areas.

Endurogrip Slip resistance

Classified and reported pedestrian surfaces shall use at least one of the combinations given and noted. As this standard uses the testing and classification of the slip resistance of carpets (or carpet-like products). Also, in potentially wet locations, the carpet shall tests using the wet pendulum test. Then when this used standard is for the testing and classification of the slip resistance of carpets in dry locations, the test carries out in the dry condition. As using the pendulum test method set out modified, and must have a report as such. The ‘dry floor friction’ test method in Appendix B is not suitable for heavily profiled surfaces or carpets.

Compliance of Endurogrip

The surface shall comply with the stated classification for the test method and test rubber that the manufacturer nominates. The testing and classification of new pedestrian surface materials shall be in accordance.

Replas Enduroplank™ create decks, footpaths, bridges, beach access paths and jetties.

See test results for further information.

Pricing for application on request.

Enduroplank test results