On Monday, February 24th, The Buddy Bench winners of the 2019 Replas competition, Elliminyt Primary School in Colac, Victoria, had their seat delivered by Managing Director, Mark Jacobsen. Mark was welcomed by the entire school, prep through to Grade 6 students and parents, along with the entire staff of teachers and Principal Angela HallĀ  to unveil the Buddy Bench. The winner, Janelle Davis’s daughters, Scarlett and Marissa Whitehead, and school captains, Ryan Furrey and Hudson Dewar, were so excited to check out the new Buddy Bench made from recycled plastic. Angela was delighted as their old, used timber seat had just broken in their school yard – perfect timing for the durable, long lasting, low maintenance Replas seat! Elliminyt Primary School was proud to display their new Buddy Bench as so many students and parents participate in the Red Group program at their local Coles and Woolworths stores, where some of their waste is going back into the community through a Circular Economy as a useful furniture piece for the school.