The first instalment of Replas Pre-Fabricated Bridge System has taken place at Cherry Creek in Altona, Victoria. This bridge was built off site at the Replas factory and relocated on the same day, making it a one-day removal process compared to building on site.

Leading to no pedestrian traffic delays and a huge cost saving to Hobsons Bay City Council. There was no metal or wood materials used in design (excluding brackets and screws), with recycled-plastic Enduroplankā„¢ as the surface material. A Replas Pre-Fabricated bridge is long lasting, low maintenance, and the future of using a council’s waste to better the community. Assisting in the circular economy, Hobsons Bay City Council has been the first of many future Pre-Fabricated projects made by Replas. By using the recycled waste from the community and all around Altona, this bridge was possible to make. This is a great example to show residents that their hard work of recycling has not gone to waste, in fact it has gone into something that the town can use for many years.

With the help of Red-Group, the soft plastic collection bins found at Coles and Woolworths, Replas is able to collect that waste and turn it into more than just a Pre-Fabricated Bridge. Replas can create products like picnic settings, benches, seats, dog agility parks, fitness equipment, and much more. Replas would like to thank Hobsons Bay and all of the residents who helped put this bridge together and the future of sustainable products around Australia.